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J. R. Clancy Offers “Top 10 Uses for a Counterweight” T-Shirt

J. R. Clancy Offers “Top 10 Uses for a Counterweight” T-Shirt

10 Uses T-shirtSYRACUSE, NY, October 6 — Everyone on your stage crew will want his or her own “Top 10 Uses for a Counterweight” T-shirt, available exclusively from J. R. Clancy.

A design, manufacturing and installation company for theatrical rigging equipment, J.R. Clancy developed this black, 50/50 cotton poly blend T-shirt to promote its PowerLift motorized rigging system. Originally created for Clancy staff members and customers, the T-shirt is now available to the general public for $15.00 each.

Proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt will benefit Behind The Scenes, a charity run by the ESTA Foundation to provide financial support to entertainment technology professionals when they are ill or injured. Funds can be used for medical and living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, transportation and child care.

The T-shirt lists these top 10 uses for a counterweight:

10. Doorstop

9. Meat Tenderizer

8. Flyswatter

7. Boat Anchor

6. Bottle Opener

5. Computer Repair Tool

4. Scuba Ballast

3. Hockey Puck

2. Instead of Your Spouse's Meatloaf

1. Locked Down in an Arbor

The shirts are $15.00 and are available in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. To order T-shirts, call Jody at J. R. Clancy at 315.451.3440 or 800.836.1885, with your Mastercard, Visa or American Express card. You are also welcome to mail a check to T-Shirt Order, J.R. Clancy, 7041 Interstate Island Road, Syracuse, NY, 13209.

Established in 1885, J. R. Clancy is the leading designer and manufacturer of theatrical stage equipment in the United States. The Company designs, manufactures and installs automated theatrical hoists and control systems, manual rigging equipment, acoustic canopies, and custom stage machinery for theatres, concert halls, schools, convention centers, arenas, showrooms, and opera houses worldwide. For additional information, contact J. R. Clancy at 800.836.1885 or

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