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J. R. Clancy automated rigging selected by Alfred University

Alfred University has chosen PowerLift automated hoists and the SceneControl 500 rigging controller—products designed and manufactured by J. R. Clancy, Inc.,—for its new theatre in the Miller Performing Arts Center.

The 498-seat proscenium theatre is slated for completion on October 15.

J. R. Clancy has supplied 20 PowerLift automated hoists: 12 fixed speed hoists for electrics, borders, legs, scrim, teaser and tormentor, and the Wenger Diva acoustical shell; and eight variable speed hoists for moving scenery. A single counterweight lineset will be used to raise and lower the house curtain.

The SceneControl 500 will control all 20 automated linesets. Designed by Clancy's in-house team of rigging professionals, this intuitive touch-screen system shows operators a 3D representation of the stage and the scenery hanging on each batten. Operators can set simple or elaborate cues, group battens to move together, and see exactly what's moving on stage at any moment.

More information about PowerLifts and SceneControl 500 is available at, or at (800) 836-1885.

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