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Island Cover Up

Island Cover Up


London based drapes company Cover It Up sent drapes and a specialist dressing team to the Hotel de Deux on the beautiful Ille des Embiez, located in the Mediterranean between Marseille and Toulon, France, for a Pernod-Ricard's sales conference.

Cover It Up was working for event producers Blonstein & Associates, for whom they also did the event last year.

Pitched in the grounds at the back of the hotel was a large marquee with a transparent roof. This became one of the primary party areas for the event which took over most of the small picturesque island with an influx of several hundred delegates. The marquee's internal environment was designed by Rosa Maggoira, and included a bar at one end and several trees and shrubs growing in the garden, which were incorporated seamlessly into the aesthetics of space, adding a nice natural flourish.

The perimeter of the whole room - which measured 27 metres long by 8 wide - was decked out in luxurious velvet drapes with swagged borders matching the red and green corporate colours including. This consumed about 100 metres of drape and involved precision hanging and the end result helped to transform the room into a magical world for the evening sessions.

These drapes were all supplied from Cover It Up's stock, together with one customised section and matching swag which changed from red to green in the middle. A quantity of black velvets was also part of the package, used for filling gaps, corners and doorways.

On the patio outside the marquee, a black PUFC waterproof exterior drape was installed to screen it from public view.

This was the latest addition to an increasing amount of work that Cover It Up is undertaking in Europe.

Recently - such is the demand - that they have established a rental association in Ireland with Dublin based S&H Lightsource, and moved a variety of drapes including serge, velvets and vast quantities of starcloth over to facilitate this. Cover It up has also just completed a permanent installation of white trevira in the ballroom at the Kildare Golf Club as a direct result of this alignment, and have also recently supplied drapes for projects in Germany.

Cover It Up see's Europe as an expanding market for the more specialist end of its operations.

For more press info. on Cover It Up, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact Cover It Up direct, call +44 (0)20 726 7900 or check

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