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iRigging app gets first update

Syracuse, NY—Users of J. R. Clancy's popular iRigging app—the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch app that provides critical data to rigging installers and operators—can download a free app update, beginning today.

The iRigging app delivers instant information about wire rope, batten loading, arbors, stage ropes, motors, fabrics, fleet angles, and more. Derived from J. R. Clancy's popular slide rule, the app provides all the data required for proper installation and operation of manual and motorized rigging.

The update includes the following new information:

--Calculations of recommended working loads for additional J. R. Clancy series head blocks and loft blocks

--Updated capacities for blocks

--A new calculator page for arbors and counterweights

--A feature that allows users to sign up for Clancy's monthly Rigging Report, an informative email newsletter for rigging users

In addition, the update combines iRigging's American measurement and metric versions in one app, a convenience-booster for installers who work in both the United States and other countries.

To download the updated app for the first time, touch App Store on the iPhone, and search for iRigging. To update the app that's already on an iPhone, use the App Store button in the top-level menu.

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