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When I get back from break in January there is a two-week interim period, basically a J-term, before the spring semester starts. I'll get to take some in-depth courses outside of my standard classes. The requirement for interim is to take a total of 45+ hours of class over the two weeks. I worked my schedule out to only take 3 classes all during the second week. It was important for me to have the first week of interim free so I could stay back East to work on The BFG and A Midnight Cry. The courses I signed up for are pretty interesting. The courses and the descriptions are below:

Arts in One World: Culture and Identity

A series of seminars, discussion, presentations and performances focusing on arts and activism, social/artistic networks and curricular models that address these areas. Specific conversations and presentations on Rwanda, Cambodia, and Kurdistan.

Lighting Design Guest Seminar with John McKernon

The class will cover a range of topics: not only Lightwright, but also the role of the assistant and associate designers, as well as the design process in general.

Sound Design Workshop – SFX 6

A demonstration of the SFX 6 program and its application in the creation of sound designs.

I am of course excited to get a lecture from John McKernon. It will be nice to meet the man behind the program finally. I'm also looking forward to meeting John McKernon, because last year I found out he lives about 12 miles down the road from where I grew up. Small world? The SFX class should also be interesting experience. While the lecture is primarily focused on sound design, it will be nice to check out the new improvements in stage research has made in SFX. I have used SFX in the past primarily for show control. I did an independent study in undergrad about creating an automated lighting system using SFX to cue a moving light and dance show that triggered an Obsession and Hog II simultaneously with music. It was a very successful endeavor, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to use the program before this lecture in January.

So that's what is in store for me when I return in a month.

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