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Intense and Graceful: Ilumiline Logic 36 from ILUMINARC®

Intense and Graceful: Ilumiline Logic 36 from ILUMINARC®

SUNRISE, Fla. – ILUMINARC®, a U.S.-based lighting manufacturer and leader in LED illumination, releases the new indoor elegant lighting solution, Ilumiline Logic 36. ilumilinelogic-36-optic-front-normal.jpg

Ilumiline Logic 36 is a linear LED wash light that features 36 1-watt RGB LEDs with 25-by-6-degree optics for great wall washing or 120-degree LEDs without optics for intense yet discreet cove lighting. The 25-by-6 degrees optics variant is ideal for wall grazing, highlighting artwork and wall hangings, mantels or textured walls. The 120-degree wide beam angle on the other provides coverage for indirect cove lighting, perfectly fitted for ledges, recesses and offers sleek, even lighting.

ilumiline-36-ip-vw-macro.jpg Ilumiline Logic 36 features Plenum rated Belden 1585A power supply cable with RJ45 connector and a durable extruded aluminum construction with Integrated Cooling Enhancementâ„¢ design, or ICEâ„¢, a process of amplifying cooling efficiency in the external aesthetics and internal components of the fixture. The fixture is compatible with all Logic system devices, including Logic 16x36, Logic 4x36 and Logic 1x36 drivers.

Its lightweight construction, fully adjustable mounting feet and convenient dimensions – 3.9 feet long x 2.2 inches wide x 2.9 inches deep – allow for quick and easy installation. These sleek fixtures are suitable for a great number of applications in offices, healthcare facilities, retail stores, entertainment and hospitality structures and more.

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