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We had a production meeting last night and the shape of the festival is starting to come together. The running order of the festival was distributed. I am starting to get a global feel for the festival and what the integration will be from Music to Theatre to Film. Some sticky choices are going to have to get made soon. The limitations of my budget are going to force some tough choices to be made between balancing the needs of environmental design and the live music portion of the festival. There will also be several party nights, brought to us by some sponsors. Integrating those aspects of the festival will mean a kinetic solution and most certainly some moving heads (a decision I had been avoiding), I fear however, if too many toys cover that aspect of the festival, we will lose out on the proper design and integration of the environmental design.

The plays needs are starting to take shape, and it seems for now will be almost exclusively handled by house gear. It's the other portions of the festival that will need gear. Knowing now more clearly what I have to accomplish I can begin to approach vendors and see what we can come up with.

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