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Indigo Highlighter for intellaspot Debuts on Premios Texas

Indigo Highlighter for intellaspot Debuts on Premios Texas Indigo Highlighter - a new standard feature of the High End Systems intellaspot automated luminaire - made its first foray into the world of TV, lending a special glow to this year's Texas Latin Music Awards.

The event, officially called the 7th annual Premios Texas ceremony, was televised live on Univision Aug. 11 from the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, TX. Houston-based LD Systems supplied the gear as well as its own Event LD John Dickson.

Dickson specified six intellaspots, splitting them between the stage floor and on the set. The Indigo Highlighter, which debuted this spring at the 2011 Pro Light and Sound Expo, comes in the form of four one-watt LEDs mounted at the front of the fixture. Indigo Highlighter offers pros another layer of light to add to their design, and a distinctive look to the fixture in the rig.

Dickson said the intellaspots offered a design solution in this particular event. “Some performances which took place downstage of the Grand Drape were not televised. I placed two of the intellaspots downstage of the drape so that there was some side lighting on these performers.”

The extra Indigo Highlighter feature played well to the cameras, Dickson said. “It drew visual interest and is a great addition to the intellaspot fixture.”

Dickson used the feature about 75 percent of the time, mostly when the cameras were fixed on the fixtures but also when the stage snapped to black for an added dynamic, he said. “I rode their intensity quite often, depending on what shot the video director was taking,” he added.

“Using Indigo Highlighter alone as a wash gave the intellaspots the ability to create a night-time feel. The strobe feature of highlighter was also pretty impressive,” Dickson said.

Another favorite feature was the gobo animation function. “I'm a fan of the ‘crunchy' feel of this attribute,” Dickson said. “It is a handy tool to have for all types of shows.”

Overall, Dickson said the intellaspots stood out. “They provide lots of output with low power consumption. I really liked the ‘animation' feature for gobo rotation. It is reminiscent of the VL6. All in all, it's a great fixture with a reasonable price point.”

"Premios Texas" bestows awards annually to bands and artists from various Latin music genres who have made creative contributions to Latin music.

For more photos, visit the High End Systems website.

Photos: Hunter Jones

Press Release: Debi Moen, INK.

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