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Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day


Okay, I confess: I watched the 44th Presidential Inauguration streaming on CNN while sitting at my desk. It's just a tad historical, so not one I was about to miss.


And while many of us across the globe didn't trek to downtown Washington DC with the millions at the National Mall weathering the cold for this event, at least the brave masses had four (including the world's largest) high-def mobile LED units on which to view the new President on Capitol Hill (probably so far away to most that the screens helped bring a bit more intimacy to the oath, speech, etc.). The Daktronics screens were provided by GoVision LP of Keller, Texas and provided live video footage if the proceedings that wrapped around an hour ago. The largest of the four screens provided was a 33'x19' GoBigger widescreen configuration. The company also set up mobile units for watching parties at the Canadian embassy and in Chicago's Grant Park, as well as for a welcome-home rally for President George W. Bush in Midland, Texas.

So we could all hear a proper mix of our new President being sworn in, two Yamaha PM5D digital consoles were used during this crucial part of the festivities.

And how good is your 3D rendering software? For this afternoon's parade, a new NASA Lunar vehicle is being rolled out, quite literally. It's a six-wheeled Small Pressurized Rover (SPR), the prototype for which was visualized in Luxology's modo® 302 software by NASA designers at the Johnson Space Center.

Moving on to the Balls that begin this evening, Jim Tetlow and Nautilus Entertainment Design are lighting designers for the 2009 inaugural balls and candlelight dinners, an undertaking that includes 13 events in 10 different locations around DC. The general service contractor for the events is Hargrove Inc. As part of the Hargrove technical team, Nautilus is working with technical director Larry Estrin and sound designer Kelly Epperson. Tetlow has actually been contracted for three previous induction festivities. This year is the second time he has served as principal lighting designer for all of the balls and dinners. This is Estrin's sixth Inauguration.

Doing something for the inauguration? Email me here.

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