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In2Structures Maxi Dome Debuts in Israel

In2Structures Maxi Dome Debuts in Israel


An In2Structures Maxi Dome made its debut in Israel as the VVIP Arena backstage at Paul McCartney's recent groundbreaking concert in Tel Aviv.

In2Structures is a South African based custom structures design and manufacturing company that is part of the Gearhouse SA Group. The 800 square metre capacity 2 bay Dome at the McCartney show was supplied to Tel Aviv-based staging and rigging company Stage Design, provider of most of the overall event's technical infrastructure.

The Dome - launched by Gearhouse In2Structures as a fully flexible, aesthetically pleasing, structurally robust solution for all types of events – offered an impressive 12.5 metres of headroom and was located behind the main stage.

Its interior was fully fitted out and dressed by Market King complete with comfortable seating areas, a large central bar, a buffet area and a chilling one. A full lighting rig was hung on a 10 metre diameter circular truss above the bar, with a 2.1m diameter MiPix LED mirror ball suspended below for additional eye candy. A ring of 14 plasma screens were attached around the lowest roof rail, enabling a good view wherever people were sitting or standing in the Dome and providing additional ambient lighting for the chilling zone.

Stage Design director Eyal Lavee explains that they needed a structure with some serious load-bearing capacity to accommodate 2 40 sq/m LED screens which were to ensure everyone had a great view of the action. The Dome was ideal, as each arch can accommodate a 1500 Kg centre point load or a 2500 Kg uniformly distributed load (UDL), and it has been specifically developed to make the rigging of substantial sound, lighting and AV rigs easy and accessible.

Lavee comments, “Apart from its physical capabilities, the structure looks impressive and is exceptionally well designed – it was perfect for this occasion, and I can see a busy future for it here”.

The Dome offers many branding opportunities and is particularly appropriate for corporate events and premium venue applications like the creation of VIP and special areas.

This version of the Maxi Dome will now stay in Israel as part of Stage Design's hire stock, where it will be used to capitalise on the great demand for high quality mobile performance and event venues in a country where corporate and private functions are flourishing. Many visitors to the McCartney show were suitably taken with the environment and Stage Design has already received inquiries from potential new clients.

A team of 5 crew from Gearhouse SA led by Chris Loejis went to Israel to construct and de-rig the Dome, working alongside a crew from Stage Design, each operation taking approximately three and a half days. In2Structures Maxi Dome uses rectangular box trussing and offers 25.7 metres of width, with the length determined by up to a maximum of twelve 5.1 metre bays.

In addition to the load-bearing, the Dome's design exceeds a 120km per hour wind rating.

Multi layer membranes are white on the exterior and black Duraskin on the interior, providing a complete blackout for daytime events. The outer membranes slide into an aluminium extrusion and are raised above the trussing allowing easy access for rigging equipment inside.

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