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ILUMINARC® Gives Light to Sonic Fireflies

ILUMINARC® Gives Light to Sonic Fireflies

Atlantic City, N.J. — ILUMINARC® Ilumipod Logic 6 are the LED light source for a permanent interactive installation combining light and sound at Revel—an Atlantic City resort spanning over six million square feet of beachfront destination encompassing a spa, casino, clubs, restaurants, and retail shops.The resort's ocean-side walkway, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is home to “Sonic Fireflies,” created by architect and composer Christopher Janney, who serves as artistic director for PhenomenArts, Inc. Inspired by the sounds of the sea and the flashes of fireflies, the piece engages guests as they enter the resort.

ilu-janneysound-2.jpg Once you walk in, environmental sounds and acoustic instruments greet you. This composition is a “sonic portrait of a soothing ocean environment” that also changes throughout the course of a day. When you walk beneath the suspended ‘fireflies' ILUMINARC® Ilumipod Logic 6 compact interior lighting solutions project colored light as sounds like marimbas, drums, and flutes emit softly from audio speakers. This interaction is a personal experience between you and the ‘firefly'—enveloping you in a shaft of light and sound.

ilu-janneysound-1-blog.jpg There are 64 ‘fireflies' total that each contain a motion sensor, LED interior lighting solution, brushed-titanium speaker and dichroic glass elements (to reflect light during the daytime), all suspended by thin stainless steel aircraft cables and triggered by movement. Alternately, throughout the day programmed patterns appear simulating a group of fireflies in flight—or “The Ghost” as described by Janney.

“'Sonic Fireflies' at Revel is composed of 64 custom-built interactive light/sound fixtures. We had to make the units small but powerful in terms of light and sound. After researching the market worldwide for lighting units, we found the ILLUMINARC® Ilumipod Logic 6 fixture to be the best by far. The powerful six-LED unit yields very bright, intense colors from such a small package,” said Janney.

PHOTO CREDIT: “Sonic Fireflies” REVEL Resorts

©2012 PhenomenArts, Inc. C. Janney, Artistic Director

Photo: N Valinote

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