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IESNYC Announces Release of the Highly Anticipated 2009 NightSeeing Map of New York City's most Spectacular Nightscapes from Dusk to Dawn.

Just introduced to thousands of attendees at the 2009 International Light Fair, May 5 – 7, the new 2009 NIGHTSEEING Map presented by the Illuminating Engineering Society, NYC Section, in association with the Designers Lighting Forum of New York, is now available to the general public.

Unlike ordinary maps and guide books that simply provide visitors with the names of landmark buildings, notable construction facts and engineering feats, the exciting new 2009 NIGHTSEEING Map sheds a whole new light on city sightseeing. It is the only guide that highlights the most spectacular illuminated buildings, bridges and other remarkable sites in and around the Big Apple—and gives credit to the lighting designers who create all those magical and memorable sights of New York nights. From architectural masterpieces to the cutting edge of everything hip and trendy, if it has that special glow you can be sure NIGHTSEEING will show you the way to go.

Whether you are a first-time or frequent visitor to the city, a seasoned New Yorker or a lighting enthusiast, the one guide you will definitely want to have on hand is the new 2009 NIGHTSEEING Map with this self-guided walking tour: Lights, Camera, WALK. A Night Walking Guide to the Most Spectacular Lighting Designs of New York City.

IESNYC invites you to pick up a free copy at:

The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, NYC

GL Lites On Showroom, 511 West Canal Street, NYC

Times Square Information Center, 7th Ave, between 46th/47th Street

To view an online version or to purchase a copy, visit www.

STAR SPONSORS: Sylvania; Traxon/ecue

SPONSORS: Designers Lighting Forum of New York; Amerlux; SPI Lighting; Enterprise Lighting Sales; Luparello and Sons Lighting

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