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I. Weiss is moving.

I. Weiss is pleased to announce that after operating in Long Island City, NY for the past 28 years we are moving our operations to Fairview, NJ. Having “grown up” in New York from a small curtain company to a nation wide theatrical drapery and rigging business, we expanded from half of a 16,000 sqft building to the full building and an additional 3,000 sqft of cramped and expensive NYC real estate. Recognizing the needs of our clients for continued excellence in our work combined with more economic pricing, we have found a modern 30,000 square foot facility which will house our sales department, drapery fabrication and rigging shop along with our production and project management staff under one high roof. The combination of a large reduction in overhead with a much larger and sophisticated facility will allow us lay-out room, hanging space and the ability to also expand our custom rigging line including the Vialift.

President David Rosenberg & Vice-President Jennifer Tankleff express the entire staff's excitement about the new facility. "We have been in the planning stages for almost 2 years knowing that we had to improve our ability to maintain our high standards while cutting the cost of our production. From our drapery production manager bidding farewell to the dreaded freight elevator and gazing out at the wide open shop floor, to our steel shop manager exploring the enlarged column free space, to our lead draftsperson who is going from a desk in the corner to a drafting office where her new exploration of 3D CAD will find a new home - everyone is realizing the possibilities and expressing that can't-wait-feeling”, says Tankleff.

“In addition,” Rosenberg adds, “the new building will help us realize our efforts to be greener with extremely energy efficient lighting and heating, and a carting company that promotes recycling." I. Weiss plans to be up and running in Fairview by mid-July and is looking forward to all their friends visiting and sharing in the excitement.

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