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i-Pix at PLASA Focus

i-Pix at PLASA Focus


Specialist UK LED manufacturer i-Pix shows its latest products at PLASA Focus in Leeds, UK, next week, all of which build on the success and popularity of their now iconic BB4 and BB7 series wash lights.

Absolutely brand new is a range of white LED engines - initially to be shown at the exhibition in i-Pix's BB1 fixture. Also new is the BB2, a self contained 2-cell fixture and the BB 2x2 which is made up of a pair of BB2s.

The versatility of the BB series, plus i-Pix' innovative LED control technology and attention to quality engineering and detail will be demonstrated in full.

New - White LED engines

i-Pix launches an exciting new range of white light LED engines, absolutely hot off the production line from Germany. Initially shown in the BB1 fixture, these are available now across the full BB range in Warm White, Cold White and a super-smooth Warm-to-Cold white mix.

The Warm White has a colour temperature of 3000 degrees Kelvin, the Cold white of 5700 degrees Kelvin and the tuneable white ranges between both these colour temperatures. The source is 25 Watts over 2000 Lumens from each light engine.

These light engines are designed for retrofit into existing BB fixtures and i-Pix will be shipping white led variants for the entire range

New - BB2 & BB 2x2

Brand new from i-Pix is the BB2, a two cell self contained fixture, and the BB 2x2, a square four cell self contained fixture, both of which come with a removable fronts, giving the user the option of mixing up the optical systems.

The choice of quick-change optics includes the 10 degree optic popular with the BB 7 or the 20 degree optic as used in the BB 4. The range is now increased to offer the two additional beam angles of 35 and 45 degrees.

All four beam angles are easy to swap over and give unrivalled beam choice in one common fixture type. Complete with the unique i-Pix blended optical path giving the light output the feel and appearance to that of a conventional fixture.

As with all the BB series, the fixtures are easy to daisy-chain together with a single combined power and data cable with robust Ceep connections, chosen for their build quality and ease of use.

A data and wireless battery inlet are included across the range, allowing mains free operation. Once connected to the optional battery/wireless DMX bag, the range of BB fixtures will burn for hours, way beyond the average duration of any event - in any operating mode.

The brand new BB 2 and BB 2x2 compliment the existing BB range perfectly. They are designed as individual lighting fixtures with the capability of being placed in groups and different configurations, giving a incredibly dynamic, versatile set of 'building blocks'.

i-Pix already offers a range of quick rig, tool free rigging accessories for the BB series. This range is being increased to cover the constantly expanding possibilities of different building block formats.

New BB4 Optic

The newest optic for the BB4 is also highlighted at the show. This gives an asymmetric-style performance to cyc and set illuminations, with an exceptionally even wash of light and smooth projection field from normal groundrow angles. Shipped as standard for the last few months, this optic provides a real bridge between a fixture capable of symmetrical and asymmetric beam angles. Combined with the homogenised optics of the BB4 fixture, the flat illumination adds yet more uses to the BB4's already flexible repertoire.

BB1 4 and 6 Lamp Power Bars

Other new products introduced are the BB1, 4 lamp power bar and the BB1 6 lamp power bar - to which the new BB1 fixtures can be fitted.

These are ideal for all types of portable applications from film & TV shoots and location work to small stages, live concerts and performances, site-specific theatre, exhibitions and conferences, etc.

The BB1 is a sealed, low voltage, self-contained fixture, requiring only power and data, offering completely homogenised optics for the smoothest of output and available in either 20 or 35 degree beam angles. It's powerful customised RGB LED light engine has incredible colour mixing capabilities including the effortless sourcing of tungsten and daylight colour temperatures. Very smooth dimming control offers enhanced options for very fine control at the lower intensities. The BB1 is fully RDM/DMX enabled, with remote address mode and detailed fixture feedback.

The Power Bar provides low voltage to the BB1 and is equipped with an onboard user interface. This allows each fixture to be individually addressed and the 'operating' mode to be adjusted. Both power and data are fed neatly through a combined data/LV power cable.

Battery Bag

Also new is i-Pix' funky waterproof Battery Bag that uses standard 12 volt batteries and provides complete stand-alone flexibility where power or lack of rigging time are issues. The Battery Bag can be used to power either a single BB4 fixture or the Power Bars individually.

Each bag comes with the option of wireless control, courtesy of City Theatrical, which also provides a local DMX outlet for other technology that might be adjacent to the Power Bars. Runtime is a 35 hour life for an RGB chase, 16 hours life for a CYM chase (with two colours on at once) and 9 hours for full intensity - measured using a BB4.

All the new i-Pix products have the remote battery /wireless DMX option as a plug-in.

For more info on i-Pix, please call Louise Stickland on +44 (0)7831 329888 or +44 (0)1865 202679 or Email [email protected] Call i-Pix direct on +44 (0)161 443 4140 or check :

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