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i-Pix at PLASA 09

i-Pix at PLASA 09


i-Pix exhibits on booth 2-R14 in Earls Court 2, ideally positioned next to the Bandit Bar, which always ensures lively throughput of traffic, with the newest i-Pix RDM product developments also being shown on the RDM DMX stand (1-J40).

Launch : BB 1 Building Block System

i-Pix launches its amazing BB1 Building Block system, which offers lighting and visual designers the opportunity to configure lightsources exactly as they wish!

Building upon the BB4 and BB7, the new BB1 Building Block system creates exciting and innovative new opportunities going far beyond the semi-rigid constraints of normal fixture specification.

i-Pix (intelligent pixel) uses a custom high power light engine to provide a superior homogenised colour choice, with very accurate whites and the authentic reproduction of anything from the gentlest of pastel hues to the deepest of saturates.

The BB 1 series is designed around three basic components,

(1) A weatherproof (submersible) low voltage (15 volt) fixture

This comes with a self contained RDM/DMX digital drive. It can be submerged and comes with a single cable fitted with a high quality 5-pin weatherproof connection.

The BB1 can be used independently, e.g. as a truss or a set toner. It is fitted with a dual set of yokes for easy floor mounting or for quick, tool free rigging onto a truss or metalwork in the air.

The BB1 fixtures can be remotely addressed and configured with industry standard RDM (remote device management) DMX, or run as a slave on standard USITT DMX.

i-Pix new Digital Drive technology is over 90% efficient and delivers even smoother control of the light engines, right down to lowest intensities. True 16 bit control expands the colour range from millions to billions.

(2) Power distribution box

This remotely address the fixtures via RDM/DMX, or the onboard user interface can be used which provides both operating mode and address control.

Combined power and data input ensures a weatherproof connection, so the power distro can be used outdoors in any orientation.

A battery and data inlet connects to an optional battery and show DMX wireless DMX module. Rigging mounts are provided for truss or frame mounting,

(3) Multiple rigging frames:

These are based upon i-Pix' standard Camloc quick release systems for easy rigging and de-rigging of multiple configurations with power and data onboard. Each fixture's position can be adjusted with sliding frame rigging mounts. Multiple points enable quick adaption from being hung or rigged from a yoke in the conventional sense, or grouped together as a low resolution high power pixel grid.

Various rigging frames are available - and i-Pix is initially launching three rigging frame choices for the clustering of BB1 fixtures.

• A 4-way linear frame which can be floor or rig mounted, or stood on end. This frame matches existing BB4s in terms of spacing and light performance.

• A 3-way T-frame with a shrunk down power distro box for an even more compact form factor.

• A 2 x 2 frame as above.

Other frame styles are currently in development, and will give even more custom design opportunities using standard components from the i-Pix building block system.

Other products launched at PLASA 2009

Battery and wireless show DMX pack

This connects to the BB4 or the new BB1 power distribution box. In addition to feeding the fixture a handy DMX output, this also gives a universe of local DMX control for other fixtures. Battery life for an average colour mix is 36 hours on a single colour primary chase; 18 hours on a secondary colour cycle or 9 hours if used on full.

New style BB7

Shown for the first time will be the new BB7 with improved optical choice. Standard beam of 10 degrees or 20 and 35 degrees as an option are offered. Taking about a minute to swap over or split beam angles to suit.

Other new accessories shown at PLASA include :

• a new horizontal dual hanging frame for BB4s

• A new asymmetric optical accessory for the BB4. This is an inexpensive way to evenly illuminate cycs and sets with no colour striation, using a fraction of the power of conventional systems.

• a new optical system for the BB7 to further enhance its versatility. 10, 20 or 35 degree beam angles are offered as standard

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