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i-Pix BB 2x2 is a Global Success!

i-Pix BB 2x2 is a Global Success!


The new i-Pix 2x2 LED fixtures made a great impact at the 2010 Global Gathering dance extravaganza staged at Long Marsden Airfield, Warwickshire, UK.

They were used by the event's production lighting and video designers Philip Winward and Nick Jevons of Electric Fly Productions to illuminate the stage and dancefloor in the VIP tent, and to illuminate the Live Terrace area.

It was the first time that they have had the chance to use this latest i-Pix product, which was launched 'live' at Glastonbury just a few weeks earlier, but Jevons liked the BB 2x2s so much that he even rigged two in the main stage front-of-house mixer area - from where he was operating the lighting for the 2 day event. This made it look pretty and exude a warm, inviting ambience to all entering 'lighting world' at the back of the enclosure.

Says Jevons, "i-Pix has always supported us ever since we first designed this event site-wide 2 years ago, and it's great to get a chance to test out their latest technology and innovations and put it through its paces". He adds that - as with previous i-Pix products, he will continue to incorporate them into his lighting designs.

He likes the colour range of the BB 2x2 and comments that they are great for dance music and rave environments because of the lightening quick response time and the vast array of rich colours. "For such small units, they kick out a massive amount of light," he adds.

Another big advantage of the BB 2x2 is its size - which is compact and neat, and great for being fitted into all sorts of corners or small and awkward spaces, for being secreted in set pieces and scenery and also for washing architectural features with a smooth, even light coverage. "They are a great solution because they can be squeezed in and used to light virtually anything," enthuses Jevons.

It was also the first time that Electric Fly's design brief for Global Gathering has been extended to include lighting the large VIP Area as well as all the live arenas and main stage, so they wanted to make a big impact here. Six BB 2x2s were rigged to the trussing surrounding the front of the stage/DJ booth, which proved ideal for blasting the dance floor with solid blocks of colour and a dynamic array of effects.

The fact they are an LED lightsource with low heat emissions was also an asset, as the weather was rather hot and humid for the festival, and the BBs did their bit to ensure that the VIP dancefloor stayed at a comfortable temperature for all the movers and groovers who enjoyed their dancing to the full.

The back and sides of the stage in the VIP tent were lit with BB16 units, the first product in the BB range from the Manchester based manufacturers, and an additional 4 x BB16s were also used to wash the Live Terrace from the back of the stage.

The BB 2x2 is brand new from i-Pix - a square four cell self contained fixture made up from two BB2 units with removable fronts for the option of mixing up the optical systems. The choice of quick-change optics includes the same 10 degree optic that has been so popular with the BB7 and the 20 degree optic as used in the BB4, plus two additional beam angles of 35 and 45 degrees.

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