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I Breathe Easy: A Safer Holiday Via iPod

I Breathe Easy: A Safer Holiday Via iPod


So, you think you're a gadget geek? Already have the Wybron iSwatch Gel Library? How about BeamCalc from West Side Systems?

Well, here's a new one I just heard about yesterday: How about an iBreath iPod Breathalyzer & FM Transmitter for the holidays? That's right. David Steele Enterprises, an online retailer, has invented the iBreath, and it's a fully functioning alcohol breathalyzer with an FM transmitter (maybe so you can transmit your blood alcohol level to the radio and find someone who can drive you home...or maybe just for music in your car. Clearly, the two should not be used simultaneously, depending on your results from the former).

All sarcasm aside, it has a blow wand and even a timer to remind users when it's time for the next breath test. With the built-in LCD display, you'll know your BAC just in time to know you need a NAP before getting in your CAR. Check it out here:

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