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How To Make A Mic Lead You Tube Style

How To Make A Mic Lead You Tube Style


Leading UK based audio and AV supplier Pro Audio Stash releases its latest You Tube video, a slick, informative and easy-to-follow guide on "How To Build A Microphone Lead using Neutrik XLRs" ... which illustrates precisely that!

As well as being known for its top quality products and excellent after sales service and support, Pro Audio Stash is also blazing a trail on You Tube with a series of How To videos - others include guitar leads, Speakon connectors and multicores.

Mic leads are one of the absolutely fundamental pieces of kit for anyone involved in the audio and AV business and something used every day. Although a ubiquitous item, good initial construction is the key to keeping mic leads working reliably over long periods of time in rigorous environments. Heat shrunk finishing as featured in the video, can also be an excellent source of highly visible branding as well as a proper professional touch.

Harnessing the power of visual communications, social networking and a medium embraced enthusiastically by the technical production and live music industry, Pro Audio Stash's huge pool of aggregate knowledge and experience in the field can be shared and disseminated to a broader range of people and potential future clients. This is available unrestricted by time zones or working hours.

The video also demystifies what some might consider difficult or even to be a black art! It illustrates simply and graphically how with the right components, tools and application, building a mic lead can be very straightforward - but precise - accomplishable by anyone with the necessary manual dexterity.

"How to Build a Microphone Lead ...." is the latest in a series of high quality videos presented by Pro Audio Stash.

The most popular to date had been the first generation "How to Build a Mic Lead", produced in 2009, which received 28,000 views. On this basis, it was decided to re-make the footage taking onboard some of the comments, suggestions and feedback from their channel subscribers.

The most important part of building a mic lead is the quality of the soldering, and this is emphasised and shown in great detail on the video. Good soldering equals a reliable mic lead with a long lifespan!

Heat shrinking is more unique. All Pro Audio Stash's mic leads - both their own and others - are branded this way. It can be a tricky operation, but empowering people with the knowledge to do a competent job overall should have the effect of improving everyone's attitudes to building and treating mic leads.

Apart from the company being educative and accessible, being a proactive You Tube broadcaster allows Pro Audio Stash's customers a more personal and in-depth insight into its operation and personalities, rather than just being a shop front. Also available on the channel are videos of trade shows, exhibitions and staff, all combining to give a more useful, meaningful '3D perspective' on how their product ranges can be used.

Check :

to see for yourself.

For more press information on Pro audio Stash, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me To contact Pro Audio Stash direct, check : or call +44 1424 429641

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