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How deep is your well...

If your well contains creative inspiration. I've written tons about this, but it's always fresh, because there is always new inspiration to be found. Yesterday I read Brendan Dawes book, Analog In, Digital Out. Brendan is a fantastic DIY based interactive artist. He does website work, interactive installations, and tons of other stuff... The book is a montage of influences, project descriptions and personal creative philosophy.

The last page caps it for me... Really sums up how I feel:

"Creativity is not about playing safe, and it should never be. It should scare the hell out of you at times. It should put you in uncomfortable places that challenge you at every step."

Remember that the next time you make a 'judicious' cut, or use that easy sleazy stock that comes with the server (that's been used a 1000 times before you did). Don't create like everybody else. Challenge yourself.

If I had my way, media servers would come with nothing but what YOU put on them.

I'm gonna go sailing now, and shut up...

Bob Bonniol

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