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How To Be Hassle-Free on Soft Goods Flame Retardant Issues

Contact: Deborah Sperry 201-809-1730 x 138

Rose Brand's Blog Discusses How To Be Hassle-free On Flame Retardant Issues.

March 15, 2010, Secaucus, New Jersey: The fire safety regulations pertaining to soft goods have helped our industry achieve an excellent record of fire safety. Rose Brand's newest blog post provides a guide and checklist for best practices in fire safety standards for events and stage productions.

The discussion covers a broad range of topics from knowing your local fire marshal, additions to fabrics such as paints, various substrates, as well as documentation and technical notes. Rose Brand is a leader in providing flame retardant fabrics, education and documentation.

Visit to see the entire story.

Rose Brand ( is the premier provider of FR fabrics, stage curtains, custom sewn creations and production supplies for live entertainment, film, TV, display, house of worship, schools and event organizations.


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