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Hot News From Rosco

Alan Kibbe, national sales manager for Rosco, says that Keystroke, their new DMX/PC interface is sparking great interest at their booth (#602). "Keystroke was developed out of a project with Colorado State University students," says Kibbe. The interface allows you to operate any PC software application via a DMX link. A good example of this is controlling power point presentations via a lighting console. Other new products at Rosco include the Delta hazer, an addition to the Delta family of fog machines, two new gel colors: Helmsley Blue and half-bastard amber. Sales of Helmsley Blue benefit the Gilbert Helmsley Internship Foundation (similarly Light Relief Yellow benefits the light relief program in the UK. Can "Behind the Scenes" purple be far behind?) Seen in the Rosco booth was Steve Terry of ETC chatting with company helmer Stan Miller, while Walt from Parlights chatting with Stan Schwartz. The rest of the booth was in a fog!

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