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Hippotizer Serves Super Bowl XLVI

HippotizerMore than 123 million people tuned in to watch the display integration and amazing 3D effects accomplished using Hippotizer's UberPan and VideoMapper software components at this year's Bridgestone Halftime Show. Well . . . they may have actually remained tuned in to watch a spectacular show featuring Madonna and a supporting cast of over 200, but minutes into the performance they were also more than likely mesmerized by the stunning multimedia show created by designers Bruce Rodgers of Tribe and Michael Laprise of Cirque du Soleil, with lighting design by Al Gurdon.

Programmed on GrandMA by Jason Rudolph of Mobius Productions, with video content by Moment Factory, led by Sakchin Bessette, a total of eight Hippotizer HDs were used to drive 32 Barco FLM HD20 projectors flown 150 feet above the stadium floor, as well as 800 BasicTech FLED video tiles in the stage. Green Hippo's UberPan software made it possible to blend eight discrete outputs seamlessly across the entire multi-resolution canvas, with the augmentation of VideoMapper, which mapped the unique geometry of the LED video tiles in the stage floor.

“Hippotizer made everything a breeze,” says programmer Jason Rudolph. “We love the Hippotizer for ultra-demanding events such as this, especially with canvases comprising various resolutions and display types. The UberPan software turned the multi-resolution canvas into one seamless display – without us having to do the math! And the 24/7 support from TMB and Green Hippo was, as always, unsurpassed.”

Greco-Roman politicians knew the value of “bread and circuses” during tough times, and Madonna's entrance – replete with 150 legionnaires, golden throne and rolling barge – evoked such imagery; followed by evolution through time, seemingly at the behest of an ersatz Egyptian Isis. Slaves were also in abundance, in the form of 500 stage hands that set up and tore down the giant 43-piece stage by All Access in less than ten minutes!

See the entire program at TMB is the exclusive distributor for Hippotizer in the Americas. For more information about Hippotizer visit Discover many other innovative and exciting TMB products at

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