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He's A Jolly Good Fellow

He's A Jolly Good Fellow

UK-based sound designer John Leonard—who was named the LDI sound designer of the year in 2002—

traveled 12,000 miles to Hong Kong and back in a little more than a day. Why would he do such a thing?

To gather the sound of a rare bird? No, actually he was named an Honorary Fellow at the Hong Kong Academy Of Performing Arts!

"An honorary fellowship is usually awarded by an educational establishment to people who have made a significant contribution to whatever art or science the educational establishment specialises in," he says. "I'm also an honorary fellow of The Guildhall School Of Music and Drama and the two together mean that I can stick letters after my name and that's about it. So I'm John Leonard Hon.FGSM, Hon.FHKAPA.

If there had been some kind of degree going when I was training, I could add BFA, or BA or something else as well,but it was so long ago that there wasn't even a diploma to be had, so I really appreciate the honorary stuff. Makes me feel I've achieved something after all these years."

john leonard

John Leonard in cap and gown, bottom row, far left.

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