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“Hear” What's New from American Audio at InfoComm 2011

“Hear” What's New from American Audio at InfoComm 2011

LOS ANGELES – Portability and easy switching between analog and digital formats are just a couple of the highlights of the exciting new products that American Audio will debut at Booth #5665 at the InfoComm 2011 Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, June 15-17.

While it seems the whole world has gone digital, there are some who still like it old-school and want the ability to use analog along with digital. American Audio's UCD-100 Single CD/MP3 Player and UCD-200 give mobile DJ's and clubs seamless movement between the two formats, while also offering further versatility with the two USB inputs that allow a variety of digital formats to be utilized. The VMS4 Digital Work Station has the industry buzzing with its outstanding array of performance features and Midilog channels that make it compatible with computers, as well as CD players and turntables. Last but certainly not least, the exciting and powerful MRay 4-Speaker System is a 1,000-watt system with sound that puts other systems to shame. Here's a closer look at these four thrilling new American Audio products:

UCD-100 Single CD/MP3 Player – There are few audio products on the market ucd-100-rt.jpgtoday that can offer as much value and versatility as can the UCD-100. It has features that are generally found in units that are far more expensive, including infrared remote control, seamless loop, auto and manual BPM counter and a +10 advance button. It also has two USB inputs that offer further flexibility, enabling music from hard drives, thumb drives, MP3 players and SD cards (with adapters), in addition to CD's, to be played on the unit.

aa-ucd-200-lt.jpgUCD-200 – This amazing dual-CD/MP3 player has a host of user-friendly features for effortless and uncomplicated operation. Fader Q start, jog wheel controls, frame search and mechanical anti-skip protection are among the many highlights of the UCD-200, which can play CD, CD-R & CD-RW discs, as well as music from digital sources such as MP3, thumb drives, hard drives and SD cards (with adapter). It also has several additional professional attributes, including automatic and manual BPM counters and a clear, bright LCD display that shows the name of the track being played.

VMS4 Digital Work Station – The unit that got the whole mobile entertainmentaa-vms4-rt.jpg industry talking! This MIDI workstation is bundled with American Audio's Tracktor software and offers a wide variety of performance features that make popping, wiper noise and zipper noise things of the past. The VMS4 Digital Work Station has 4x Midilog channels that are compatible with computers and analog players alike, as well as two mics with gain, treble, mid and bass control, a crossfader curve adjustment, balanced XLR outputs, assignable touch strips and a built-in mouse pad and sound card.

aa-mray-systemb.jpgMRay 4-Speaker System – Come see what all the excitement is about! This complete 1,000-watt system has a 600-watt sub amp, a 15” 8Q sub woofer, a 200-watt left/right channel amp, 4 x 4 mid-range speakers and 4 x 1 fh horns for clear, outstanding sound quality. For some systems that might be enough, but the MRay 4-Speaker System goes beyond what is expected to include 2.5 mic inputs with independent mic level, 2 XLR inputs (balanced for left/right), and balanced left/right outputs to link to other systems, speakers or recording gear.

For more information, visit Booth #5665 at InfoComm 2011, or contact American Audio at 323-582-2650 or visit the website at

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