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Hard Times Ahead

So last month in my editorial letter in the print issue (already written a month before that), I wrote all about how I wasn't hearing about any lay-offs, etc., at least in our industry. But wow, the downturn started to take off in other sectors right away. Whether or not events and production are going to feel a long-delayed or more immediate effect remains to be seen, but at least some are already being realistic about the current economic conditions.

New York-based lighting designer Guy Smith, a partner in design one, who does a lot of event design, echoes the sentiment of hard times ahead. "These are especially hard times for our clients," he says, "particularly corporations with holdings, companies in the retail and wholesale goods market, and anyone in finance and real estate. As designers and advisors, we have to be responsible for that and run as efficiently and leanly as possible, just like we always did, and still support as much of what they want as we can."

Smith notes that, for his team, rolling up their sleeves and doing more is just going to be what's expected right now. "We'll get our hands dirty, we'll get creative, and we'll make sacrifices," he says. "We're prepared to do that. I feel our clients will appreciate our hard work and be that much more loyal to us when this crisis is past. And it will pass, as all things do."

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