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Guest Blogger, Zak Borovay: what is this blog thing anyway?

So I am sitting here at the 2009 LiveDesign Broadway Projection Master Classes and they asked me to blog about the events of the day. So here it goes...

I've been fortunate to be involved in every PMC since their inception. Here's my favorite moment - without fail, at the end of the wrap up "future of design" discussion, someone (usually a younger person) asks "how do we do this thing called projections if we can't afford Watchout or a Hippotizer?" It always leads to the most rewarding discussion of the day in my opinion, which is usually about how to really think about the DESIGN without worrying about the tools first. If you know what you want to do, you can usually figure it out on many different tools, including some of the cheap or free ones out there.

Like the great Jake Pinholster said in his presentation today, you can't let the tools design for you. And it is more true than ever. As the design tools get more and more sophisticated, it is important to really have a strong design concept before you dive into the toolset. And usually it is the young person asking this question that knows exactly what he or she wants to do, but knows that they only have a few bucks to do it with.

--Zachary Borovay, projection designer

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