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Guest Blogger, Vadim Ledvin

Let's hear from one of our students from NYU who attended both our BSMC and the BLMC. Vadim Ledvin, take it away...

Attending the BLMC was a great experience for me that went far beyond my expectations. The lectures were all great, and all very diverse - varying based on the designer's background and their viewpoint on their art; from Beverly emmons and her intuitive approach to color, to Brian MacDevitt and his class on looking to the outside world and the fine arts for inspiration in our design. Most impressive so far was Jules Fisher's lecture on Lighting design theory detailing his craft, his approach and his observations on our world and the light in it. A great highlight was the benefit session for ESTA on the design Aesthetic of Shakespear in the Park which was graced by several generations of designers from the Delacore Theatre who had a hand in creating one of New York City's greatest Legacy's - Josep Papp's free theatre. The design, color, inspiration and theory sessions were very well complimented by the flashy manufacturer's showcase featuring the great majority of the big names and all their new toys that will make the ideas that are to be born from the intermingling and mentouring of talent to talent possible. - - ETC finally made the 90! I am looking forward to next year's session because for me , as a student of design to intermingle and have a chance to learn directly from the nearly complete array of the top working professionals in my field and be surrounded by the fellows in my craft is a truly warm and inspiring experience. It is more than just the basics of color, intensity, shape and movement, it is about the art of it, of creating, advising and becoming a community - working together to imagine and make possible the magic of thatre. Thanks Live Design and come back to NYU.

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