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Guest Blogger, Keny Whitright of Wybron

I had two experiences yesterday at the Broadway Lighting Master Classes that were really great as an exhibitor. There is a high school student here from Redbank, NJ, and he has unbelievable enthusiasm. He actually rents his own gear for the HS productions from 4Wall. He started asking me about our scrollers and about Morpheus' scrollers and if we can make similar products. It was then I noticed Ken Billington standing across the room and knew that Ken knew more about Morpheus, so I suggested to the student we go talk to Ken and ask him. Well, I thought he would fall over. We had a great talk with Ken, and that sort of thing would just never happen outside of here. And from a commercial standpoint, we now feel like we have an ally in this student and future great designer.

The second meeting was with a woman from Cal Arts who works with Don Holder and has some of our gear. She mentioned she was having some issues with the CXIs. I told her to send all the stuff back so we can take a look, and we'll send her back everything with an Infogate system, so we can perform diagnostics more easily. She was thrilled. I didn't even know she was going to be here, and that sort of meeting just would not have happened over the phone...only here.

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