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Guest Blogger, John Horan

To be completely cliché: this has been an experience of a lifetime. Its totally one of those things where you learn so much at one time, you just can't take it in all at once. I am sure I will be designing a show a year from now and remember some random technique that was spoken about and carry it through into my design. Jules Fisher is short in stature, but when I met him face to face, he towered over me. I actually felt weird trying to pick these peoples' brains. I mean, what do you say to someone who obviously knows that they are amazing at what they do? I guess after trying to speak with people, I turned into more of a silent observer. Peggy's speech on sculpting time and rhythm was such a great session. I am so glad that I am not the only lighting designer that sings to their stage manager. It was such a relief to hear her speak about here approach because I think that we would agree a lot on how the lighting moves through time. People tell me when they see me watching a tech from the house it is like I am watching a football game. I feel like it is a lot like that with her. Kevin Adams has the best style. It goes with out saying that Spring Awakening was ROCKIN!

Over all its was phenomenal!

On to the next show armed with a new arsenal of ideas.

- John Horan

Lighting and set designer and 2007 USITT Rising Star Award Winner

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