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Guest Blogger, BLMC attendee Zephan Ellenbogen

The past four days have been remarkable. I could write several volumes on what I learned on Monday at Projection Master Classes, but I don't have the time. I'll just sum it up by saying that projection, LED, and media technology are SO advanced that it's a bit intimidating, but I really believe that it is a HUGE component of both scenic and lighting design in the future. It will DEFINITELY play a huge part in shows we all design in the future, whether on Broadway or for WWE wrestling or anything...

NJTransit buses were running really slow on Tuesday, so I walked in to BLMC on Tuesday right as Ellen Lampert-Greaux was introducing Jules Fisher. He, as well as his presentation, are...well...legendary.

Something that I came to BLMC specifically for was to hear Beverly Emmons and Clifton Taylor's presentation, Color Therapy. They spoke a lot about the physics of light (kind of neat for a science geek like me). They used a bunch of scrollers and a mannequin to demonstrate color mixing, however not on a wall or piece of scrim. The mannequin helped to visualize mixing on the body.

Fast Forward to Thursday...

Last night we went to see Passing Strange on Broadway at the Belasco Theatre. Kevin Adams' design is well, I'm not sure. I don't really see it to be "lighting design." Yes, he has a rig in the air with lekos and PARs and stuff, but the rig in the air really wasn't what the show was all about. Kevin Adams and Dave Korins' light wall really drives the show. All of the neon and fluorescent and LEDs and birdies in the wall complement Stew's music. It's also really cool. I could and would write more in this blog, but Kevin Adams is standing right behind me and is going to blog. I'll be back soon to finish my recap (and hopefully) chronicle my adventure next year as I start at college in the Fall.


Blogger Zephan Ellenbogen (left) shows off his TMB socks at the manufacturers showcase during on Wednesday at the BLMC.

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