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GRIVEN's Powershine now IP66!

GRIVEN is proud to inform you that the POWERSHINE series has recently been granted the IP66 weather protection rating by INTERTEK, the world industry leader in the testing, inspection, and certification of electrical powered products. Such an achievement confirms once again GRIVEN's commitment to meet the highest demand and requirement for lighting equipment permanent outdoor installation.The POWERSHINE series is GRIVEN's ultimate exterior architectural colour changer, offering the most powerful performance of its category. The newly conceived narrow beam optics improves the long throw of the POWERSHINE series, assuring a sharper and stronger light emission. This 6° optics allows the possibility to reach areas previously inaccessible with LED luminaire, while maintaining a high intensity beam. The range of optical solutions and technical features available, including extra narrow beam lenses, on-board programming access and double configuration independent control complete the portfolio of a unique product which is surely set to become a classic by GRIVEN.

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