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The GRAMMY Museum Uses 16 Digital Projection Displays In Dynamic Exhibition Space

"From the brightness and clarity of their imagery, to the quickness of their response, (the DP projectors) play an essential role in The GRAMMY Museum."

- Nicholas Min, IT Manager for the GRAMMY Museum

ATLANTA, GA (March 26, 2009) - From interactive touch tables to a 200-seat state-of-the-art auditorium, Digital Projection displays are delivering an impressive array of imagery throughout the new GRAMMY Museum. Four floors of cutting edge exhibits, interactive experiences and films provide a one-of-a-kind audio visual experience in the downtown Los Angeles location.

Vibrant sound and imagery intermingle in the many different viewing spaces found within the museum. In the case of the Musical Epicenters exhibit showcasing the diversity of musical styles in the US, DP's dVision 30-1080p projectors use rear projection to highlight a US map cutout. Visitors can prompt sound and video files distinct to different musical hotspots around the country by way of touch-screens located in front of the large map.

Interactivity is a key theme in the museum, and nowhere is it more apparent than in regards to the museum's Crossroads table. Four Digital Projection iVision 20-sx+ XB projectors embedded in the ceiling, then redirected by way of installed mirrors, bring the Touchfoil-activated table to life. Participants can prompt educational sessions and coinciding imagery with the touch of a finger. Learning more about a favorite artist shown on the table is as simple as putting on one of the supplied sets of headphones and touching the topic's hotspot.

Various small theaters throughout the museum also use DP's dVisions to thematically relay musical milestones. In Life of a Recording, dVision 30-sx+ projectors display WATCHOUT-developed content on a curved screen. The museum's entryway greets visitors with GRAMMY award highlights by way of large projected walls of video content. The Inspiration and Influence theater uses a dVision 30-sx+ to lend personal insight into the creative process of some of the most recognized musical artists in the US.

For live performances and large-scale entertainment, the 200 seat state-of-the-art GRAMMY Sound Stage relies on a DP TITAN 1080p-700 for precision imagery. With both the brightness and contrast to deliver beautiful images regardless of the ambient light on stage, the TITAN can be used to supply both the primary source of entertainment as well as supplemental background imagery for events.

Design and Production Inc. of Lorton, Virginia, was responsible for The GRAMMY Museum's audio and video integration. Upon completion of the project, Dale Panning, Senior Systems Engineer for Design and Production Inc., commented, "I'm very happy with the install. I've been involved with at least 100 museum installs, and the GRAMMY Museum is definitely an awe-inspiring visual space." In regards to why he specified Digital Projection displays for the museum, Panning mentioned "The excellent customer support, plus quick product availability via their Quickship program made DP the obvious choice."

The GRAMMY Museum has received a wave of positive reviews since opening the doors to the public in December of 2008. For more information on the museum's hours of operation, please visit

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