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Graffiti Lighting

Graffiti Lighting

Last week I presented a short presentation on light painting and graffiti artists in the Lighting History class that I am taking. I got really interested in the project and spent way to many hours on YouTube and websites checking out people's work. I personally have been interested in light painting for a few years because of my background in photography, but architectural and video graffiti blows it out the window. If anyone is interested in downloading the PowerPoint presentation the link is below.It is mainly a compilation of light painting examples, a few organizations I found of particular interest and lots of great video links to their work. After working on this presentation my personal favorite piece of graffiti lighting are throwies. What is a throwie you might ask? Well lets just say it's an interesting way to add/make your own personal touch to a piece of artwork involving LEDs, a battery and a magnet. Check the presentation out if you want more info.

Graffiti Lighting Power Point

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