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Goboland Success at PLASA09

Goboland Success at PLASA09

Vicky Fairall, Ivo Dielen and Wyatt Enever of GobolandGoboland reports a very positive response to this year's PLASA09, finding it both a profitable and enjoyable event.

Examples of the level of quality attainable with Goboland glass gobos were projected in the form of impossible mathematical shapes and an homage to the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing – complete with squirrel!

“There may have been fewer visitors this year but the quality of the enquiries was high and were of great value to the company,” says Goboland UK Director, Vicky Fairall. “The new Credit Crunch custom gobo went down extremely well – people just love it since it has brought custom gobos within the budget constraints of our customers in these financially challenging times.”

Credit Crunch custom gobos are an economical, uncoated alternative to the award-winning Goboland Black Steel gobos.

“People were also very excited by our new iPhone App which allows customers to access our Black Steel Gobo Catalogue – which now holds over 1,250 designs - on the move! It is the first free gobo App ever to be launched and our customers were even downloading it on the stand!”

The Goboland Green Scene for recycling used metal gobos also proved a great success. Introduced at ABTT in June, the Green Scene offers a means by which customers can return any used Black Steel custom gobos to Goboland for recycling and receive a discount of £2.50 (£1.00 for copies) off their next order of Black Steel custom gobos.

“We have had lots of positive feedback regarding our Green Scene,” states Goboland UK Director, Wyatt Enever, “so much so that Goboland has decided to extend the money-back offer to our Credit Crunch custom gobo product. From now, customers who return used Credit Crunch custom gobos for recycling will receive £1.00 off the original and 50p off each copy of their next Credit Crunch order.”

Outside of the Green Scene discount scheme, which is open to UK customers only, Goboland will accept and responsibly recycle any metal gobos free of charge.

Ivo Dielen, Goboland's Managing Director, was pleased with the international flavour of the show stating, “I believe that approximately 50% of PLASA09's visitors were international, non-UK, based companies and individuals. We made good contacts, for all of our regional offices: Goboland UK, Goboland Middle East and Goboland Belgium.”

To take advantage of Goboland's Credit Crunch Custom Gobo offer and Green Scene recycling, call Goboland UK on +44 (0)207 060 4626.

Goboland's new Black Steel Gobo Catalogue can be downloaded from and the iPhone App downloaded free of charge from

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