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glue talks tech with mktg at cnet gotham: a live holiday guide

topcnet.jpegDates: November 9-November 13, 2011

Last week, the online tech guide CNET hosted its first-ever pop-up at Openhouse Gallery, a Soho event space known for hosting groundbreaking pop-ups to New York's trendiest. Complete with a feature display of the 100% electric car Nissan Leaf, LG's latest 3D TV technology, and a section of state-of-the art “home and office” electronics, the interactive event allowed passersby to sample the latest designs in technology, speak with select members of the CNET editorial team, attend informational lectures, and recharge themselves (or their phones) at an Energizer Power Station and coffee bar.

By night, the tech playground transformed into an exclusive destination for nerds-in-the-know to cut loose with three nights of entertainment and programming, including a DJ-fueled mixer (Thursday), a Nerd Nite Speed Dating event hosted by LG (Friday), and a “Glam Shot” photo shoot party (Saturday).

At the hub of the five-day extravaganza, was experiential marketing team and glue friends, MKTG. We were delighted when MKTG asked us to direct and manage the IT infrastructure for this project, and were pleased to oversee the technical staff, the lighting, audio, and visual elements of the theater space, and electrical distribution of the venue.

A special thank you to MKTG, Openhouse Gallery, and CNET for inviting us to partake in this interactive and cutting-edge event.

client: MKTG

role: Technical Directors

venue: Openhouse Gallery, NYC

dates: November 9-November 13, 2011

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CBS News, “Nerd Nite”: Speed-dating for the like-minded

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