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glue ramps up guggenheim gala, mgmt performance with innovative builds & lighting


On November 10th, The Guggenheim Museum hosted the annual Guggenheim International Gala in celebration of the exhibition Maurizio Cattelan: All. Art enthusiasts and distinguished members arrived for a unique dinner experience followed by an exclusive performance by the psychedelic, electric-pop band, MGMT.

The six-story Rotunda was the site of Cattelan's retrospective–over 100 pieces of his notable art, suspended from the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed oculus skylight. A compilation of nearly everything Cattelan produced since 1989 including unusual cameos from the likes of Pinocchio, Adolf Hitler, Pope John Paul II, John F. Kennedy, and numerous taxidermy animals.

As the Guggenheim's event execution partner, production glue was challenged with finding a solution to increase their seating opportunities and change the diner's perspective – specifically, to find a way to bring the dinner tables onto the ramps and off the traditionally-used Rotunda floor, while keeping eyes on All. In order to achieve this, glue built custom platforms to level long dining tables within art bays typically used for exhibit pieces. Each seat for nearly 400 guests presented a different view of the installation, no two the same.

The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright was complemented by monochromatic silver, gray and white table accents with sophisticated floral centerpieces (created by Brooklyn florist Saipua) of natural greens and neutrals.

Guests received Mika Rottenberg's limited-edition “PonytailGirl Matchbox” and were invited by the Young Collectors Council for the after-party performance with MGMT.

production glue collaborated with MGMT, video designer Alejandro Crawford and the Museum, to help plan an installation of LED video strips that created a dynamic show of synchronized, audio-reactive lighting. Each MGMT chord struck created video that sent charges of color racing up the Rotunda with color-changing LED strips (Barco MiStrips), hung from the Museum's white parapet walls using custom scenic brackets. glue also provided audio, visual, and lighting support for the 45-minute set of songs MGMT custom-created, inspired by Cattelan's provocative creations.

We are honored to collaborate with the Guggenheim Director of Special Events, Bronwyn Keenan (Executive Producer for the Gala and MGMT Performance), and Guggenheim Special Events Consultant, Sam Brumbaugh (Producer of after-party and MGMT Performance) and look forward to future collaborations.

Client: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Role: Event Execution Partner

Venue: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Dates: November 10, 2011

glue Leads: Jack Hilley, Cheryl Adler

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