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glue, ceg, & the smithsonian channel reveal biggest snake on record: “titanoboa”

top-1.jpegYesterday, glue and Civic Entertainment Group launched the Smithsonian Channel's newest documentary, “ Titanoboa: Monster Snake.” The two-day event transformed Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall into a lush prehistoric dwelling, featuring a life-size replica of the newly discovered predator. Modeled after fossils uncovered in a Columbian coal mine, the scientifically realistic snake approaches 2,500 pounds, 45 feet.

In preparation for a (literal) reveal of epic proportions, CEG tapped production glue to supervise the build and transport logistics of the massive sculpture, coordinate scenic elements and prop styling for an authentic habitat, and oversee the installation of a 23' x 12' projection screen where passersby played the classic video game “Snake,” while learning about the documentary and discovery.

Thank you to CEG, the Smithsonian Channel, and Grand Central Terminal for inviting production glue to join in this historical launch.

Client: CEG

Role: Event Execution Partner

Venue: Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall, NYC

Date: March 22 – 23, 2012

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The Huffington Post, “Titanoboa: New York's Grand Central Terminal Displays Model Of Biggest Snake Ever (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The New York Times, “Just Try to Get This One on a Plane ‘Titanoboa: Monster Snake' on Smithsonian Channel

USA Today, “Titanoboa once slithered the planet

To learn more about production glue, please visit: www.productionglue.comtop-1.jpeg

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