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GLP Reports Major Success at Pro Light + Sound 2011

GLP Reports Major Success at Pro Light + Sound 2011

GLP Booth at Frankfurt PLS 2011With a record attendance of 110,000 visitors, the recent Pro Light + Sound and Musikmesse trade shows in Frankfurt were a major success.

Over in Hall 9, GLP German Light Products presented a breathtaking display, combining a video and light show on a grand scale, covering a massive area of 240 square meters. With the main href="">G-LEC video wall display covering over 160 square meters, the company's large-format Phantom 30 transparent LED display could be seen from a huge distance away, attracting visitors' attention from around the show floor.

Meanwhile, the world's first professional RGB LED spotlight, the impression Spot One, and its brand new counterpart, the impression Wash One, were the primary fixtures used to create an impressive light show, offering stunning visual images which conjured up wonder on the faces of the audience.

Visitors to the booth were able to get hands on experience with both units at a number of stations, powered by the new creation II controller, and learn about their high power output and unique qualities.

The fully released impression Spot One is a fully featured LED Spot fixture, which has been developed by the German company as an innovative design tool for the lighting market.

With its powerful 400W RGB light engine, it is notable for its very rich colors, a clean white range of 3000K-8000K with high CRI, a flat and even field, and sharp image projection. The overall design of the fixture, with no base section and a low weight of just 48 lbs. fits perfectly into the impression family.

Features include 14 rotating gobos across two wheels, an animation effect wheel, a continuous 10° - 32° zoom range, an ultra-fast electronic strobe, a rotating prism, and a high-speed iris which opens and closes at a rate of just 0.2 seconds. All this is combined with an average LED life of 20,000 hours without degradation of brightness or color temperature.

As a logical consequence, GLP also introduced the impression Wash One to the general public in Frankfurt for the first time. Based on the design of its Spot One, the Wash One features a massive zoom range of 6°-60°, an innovative beam shaper and a special 3° Narrow mode, which outputs a powerful beam effect.

GLP also showcased its next generation creation II lighting console. The creation II is based on vastly improved hardware and software platforms, with color touch screen, a powerful media section, full effects engine and 4 DMX Universe outputs, expanding to 8 when using Artnet.

Meanwhile G-LEC, the GLP subsidiary, launched its new Phantom 15 semi transparent video wall system, with a pixel pitch of 15mm. With its power supply integrated in the housing by implementing the patented Quick Lock system, Phantom 15 can easily be mixed with Phantom 30 or Phantom 60 systems to give seamless coverage across multiple resolutions.

Future developments could be previewed with the prototype of a Phantom 7 Frame and a new, innovative controller which makes the management of different G-LEC systems easier than ever before.

Finally, in addition to the new products G-LEC presented visitors with a 3D installation of Solaris+ — their 3D fully flexible video curtain.

The stunning combination of LED moving heads, lighting consoles and unique video technology, provided an irresistible and breathtaking combination for GLP, confirming that the stand design was literally “spot on”.

Further information in regard to any of the products mentioned, or anything else GLP related can be obtained from:

Mark Ravenhill

GLP German Light Products Inc.

Tel: +1 818 767 8899


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