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GLP Impressions & Ypocs Provide Sparkle for Apassionata's ‘By the Light of the Stars'

GLP Impressions & Ypocs Provide Sparkle for Apassionata's ‘By the Light of the Stars'

apassionata7646_kneffel_sml.jpgEurope's most successful entertainment horse show, Apassionata, has just completed its ‘By the Light of the Stars ‘ tour. This saw the spectacular event visit 30 European cities between November 2010 and May this year, with more than 500,000 tickets sold.

The impressive mixture of horse show and acrobatics was thematically embedded in a nice, romantic story. Altogether, 45 horses starred on the specially created stage, captivating audiences with their charm. To reinforce the story, the entire Apassionata manège was continuously bathed in different colored lighting, giving extra depth to this equestrian theatre.

Lighting designer Henning Schletter used among other effects 20 impression 90 RGB, 12 impression 240 XL and 36 Ypoc 700 CMY heads, from Germany's leading LED moving head manufacturer, GLP.

Schletter has been a freelance lighting designer and operator for many years and is familiar with the impression range of fixtures from productions like the Bambi-Award or the German Film-Award, where as a member of Jerry Appelt's technical team he was responsible for the effects lighting. Henning had already used the Ypoc 700 previously in various different shows. “The first time I used the Ypoc it was for a TV production at the Europapark in Rust. For Apassionata these lamps became our workhorses, offering everything you would expect from a first class fixture,” he said.

The main technical service provider for the project was PRG Hamburg, who supervised the light, acoustic, video and staging elements of the production.

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