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GLP impressions glow Orange at Roskilde Festival

GLP impressions glow Orange at Roskilde Festival

The Orange stage at Roskilde 2010 LED fixtures help fulfill event's ‘Green Footsteps' programme

Continuing the precedent started last year by Denmark's largest music festival, with its Green Footsteps programme, Roskilde once again sought to keep its energy consumption to a minimum with the assistance of LED fixtures from GLP's impression range.

Gracing the iconic Orange stage this year were no less than 74 impression 90 units, nine impression XL fixtures and 32 impression 120 RZ zoom units, giving both the house, and visiting designers, a wide array of effects and powerful bright beams at their disposal.

Danish based Comtech supplied the lighting systems for multiple stages, including the main Orange stage which plays host to the biggest bands appearing on the bill. At the helm of operations for Comtech was lighting designer Lars Nissen, and assisting visiting designers at front of house was Mikkel Bach Nielsen.

“The GLP impressions were such a hit last year, that it was an easy decision to ensure that they were included again this year,” commented Lars. “This not only worked from the festival organisers' point of view, who wanted to maintain the policy initiated last year in keeping energy consumption down, but also the designers, who love them too. In fact a lot already use them in their shows,” he added.

Four days of operation in a dust covered festival environment is a good testing ground for any lighting fixture. Mikkel Bach Nielsen was manning the front of house consoles for the fourth year running, “The units worked flawlessly during the whole festival, we never had to touch any of them.” confirmed Mikkel, emphasisng the reliability aspect. “I think the XL's impressed all the LD's that came through. Most of them knew the Impression, but not the XL's, and they were so bright that even the daytime bands were using them!”

The festival was enjoyed by all and the organisers plan to keep their Green Footsteps programme growing year on year, making larger footsteps as they go.

For more information, please contact GLP US on +1 310 891 0773 or via [email protected]

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