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GLP help provide for Julie's Bicycle Touring Research

GLP help provide for Julie's Bicycle Touring Research

Julies Bicycle launch ‘Moving ArtsLighting manufacturer, GLP, is proud to announce that it has been one of the founding contributors to the new touring research ”Moving Arts: Managing the carbon impacts of our touring”, published by the UK based leading environmental organization for the creative industries, Julie's Bicycle.

The three volume report which measures the impacts of touring and presents practical solutions to help cut touring emissions is the first of its kind and was recently unveiled at an industry gathering at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The research includes analysis of over 30 tour legs across the globe, and discussion of a number of case studies and ‘hot topics' such as biofuels and offsets. The document also tackles some of the perceived barriers head on and identifies a number of priority recommendations aimed at those responsible for all aspects of a tour.

Being an integral part of every touring show, it was important that lighting was addressed in the document and this is where GLP came into the picture. As a leading manufacturer of the latest technology of lighting fixtures, using state of the art LED sources, GLP was a perfect technology to profile in the research.

“We can document clearly that fixtures such as GLP's offer significant savings to a tours financial costs and environmental impact”, commented GLP Director of Key Global Players, Mark Ravenhill.

He continued, “Reduced truck space, reduced weight, and reduced power consumption are just some of the areas where savings can be made, without compromising the artistic desires of the artist or the design team.”

Alison Tickell, Director of Julie's Bicycle said, “Of course, lighting is integral to live shows and we are glad to have worked with GLP to include some examples of real, proven and affordable technology that can be implemented immediately and benefit us all.”

The full report can be downloaded from the Julie's Bicycle website at

More information on the GLP range of efficient LED fixtures can be seen at

More information in regard to this press release can be obtained from GLP US at +1 310 938 2565 or mailing to

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