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The Girl Detective

Bridget Dunlap (director), Emily French (set designer) and I had our first design meeting for The Girl Detective last night. I think there was pleasant surprise at the design approach we are taking when it comes to Crown Point. Rather than define a rep plot with two or three specials. We are taking the time to design each piece individually and address it's lighting needs. We discussed some preliminary "big think" ideas about how the play moves, where action is directed and the need for texture within the play. We are using the upstage cyc and scrim and while I like that this can instantly change the color field of the space, I always feels a desire to integrate texture downstage of the cyc, as they tend to flatten things out a bit. We talked about possibly using haze, lots of gobo's and some integrated scenic lighting. The play is very theatrical, the conventions are non-linear and staging and acting will inform me much more as to how the script is going to work on stage. That said, the director and designer have a firm grip on the world of the play and what it is visually, I love to collaborate with a group like that. After a rehearsal or too I will be able to make specific placement of lighting, but I already have an idea of what my gear list will be.

Shop drawings are to be submitted Friday, and we have production meeting with upper staff tomorrow. Let the good times roll into September.

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