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Getec invests in MILOS

Getec invests in MILOS


Graz based Getec Eventtechnik – one of the largest staging and rental companies in Austria - has invested in a new MILOS MR5 roof system for its busy operation.

The company supplies lighting, sound, video and staging to a wide variety of concerts, festivals and events in and around Austria and Europe.

The MR5 roof is currently the largest of the Czech Republic based trussing and roofing manufacturer's standard roof ranges.

Getec needed a substantial roof measuring 20 by 14 metres with at least 12 metres of headroom and 16 tonnes of weight loading to accommodate technical production. They also needed it to be quick and easy to set up.

Utilising MILOS' M950 QuickTruss in combination with six of their MT3 towers, MR5 is designed for large indoor and outdoor events, and in this case, the roof was customised in size and weight loading to meet Getec's exact specifications.

These also included it packing down into two trailers – one for the aluminium parts and the other for the steel, podiums and Layher decking. Flight cases and palettes are used for the smaller parts, and special dollys for the canopy. The M950 truss is on wheels for neat and easy stacking.

The project was co-ordinated for MILOS by Milan Kolousek.

Getec has been buying MILOS products since 1999, and in 2005 they purchased an MR3 roof system which has been in constant use. However when it came to finding a larger staging/roof solution, they undertook extensive research before making their decision. “We visited several different stages in situ, noted the things we liked and originally talked to Milan about this project 2 years ago” explains Getec's Jakob Gailhofer. “We sent him photos and plans and also visited MILOS several times to discuss various elements with their engineers, combining our ideas with their proposals”.

MILOS built the prototype this spring. The Getec team then visited and fine tuned the details, again merging the technical and practical knowledge and expertise of both companies.

The trailers are unloaded with forklifts and the stage takes 10 crew approximately 12 hours to build to completion.

The M950 QuickTruss used in the roof is the largest system in MILOS' current trussing range and is designed for long spans and flying heavy loads. It utilises 60 x 5 mm main tubes with 32 x 3mm bracing spars, and is available in rectangular and compact folding versions (the Getec roof uses both) as well as a variety of standard lengths between 1 and 3 metres. It is fitted together quickly, simply and safely using conical connectors and tapered pins with strong R-Clips.

In fact, the only tool needed to assemble the MR5 system is a mallet – no spanners, screws or bolts – all adding to the rapidity of the process.

Getec's MR5 roof went straight into action on a number of festivals and events over the summer, including for local heroes STS and Avril Lavigne in Styria and for Söhne Mannheims/Xavier Naidoo and Die Edlseer concerts in Leoben.

The Avril Lavigne show was attended by 8000 people, for which Getec supplied 4 artics worth of equipment, which was added to by Lavigne's own touring production, weighing approximately 16 tonnes which was flown in the roof.

The Șhne Mannheims concert featured 12 tonnes of kit flown in the roof with 5 trailers of staging and 2 of other technical equipment supplied by Getec including 40 Martin Professional MAC 2000 moving lights and over 100 generics, a line array PA system and 24 motors Рagain all hung in the roof.

MILOS' reputation is built upon making and supplying quality products with good service and support. “MILOS always provide a good solution” confirms Gailhofer, adding that due to the often late confirmation of shows, they frequently need equipment at short notice, and “MILOS always rise to the occasion with delivery – sometimes within hours”.

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