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Get the Rigging Safety Information You Need at

Syracuse, NY — Now there's a single source on the Web where theatre technicians and facility production managers can get the information they need about rigging safety backstage., a new website developed by J. R. Clancy, provides in-depth information on the three most important elements in any facility's rigging safety strategy: Train, Inspect, Maintain. Visitors to the site can learn about the critical need for safety backstage, and the steps any facility can take to make its rigging—and the people who operate it—as safe as possible.

“We're providing the information at for free to all theatre personnel, as part of our commitment to rigging safety,” said Tom Young, vice president of marketing for J. R. Clancy. Clancy has designed, manufactured and installed theatre rigging since 1885, “In addition to this new website, we're offering a session at USITT on March 20 to teach rigging users at every level—from experienced professionals to high school students—about the need to Train, Inspect and Maintain to keep their rigging systems safe and functional.” provides plenty of rigging safety information:

• Operations manuals for manual and automated rigging

• Downloadable safety signs to hang backstage, to remind operators to “practice safe sets”

• Instructions on finding a qualified rigging inspector

• Tools to help facility and production managers remember to have their systems inspected, and to have routine maintenance

• White papers and informational articles about safe rigging installation and choosing the right equipment for a performance space

• Straight talk for school administrators about rigging safety

• Expert commentary from the leading rigging experts in the industry

“No matter what your rigging question, we'll provide you with solutions,” said Young. “Safety is essential when we lift heavy scenery, lighting and other material over people's heads. We can all work together to Promote Safe Sets!”

More information on J. R. Clancy is available at

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