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Gerriets VARIO ALLROUND: Developed by Dancers for Dancers

Gerriets VARIO ALLROUND: Developed by Dancers for Dancers


Gerriets International, the theatrical equipment specialist, expands its selection of dance and event floors. The new VARIO ALLROUND was developed in close cooperation with the Gregor Seyffert Dance Company from Germany. Especially important was to create a dance floor with a high level of elasticity, slip resistance and adaptability. VARIO ALLROUND is the perfect choice for any dance style. It works well for touring events and permanent installations.

Shock Absorbing and Dimensionally Stable

Gerriets VARIO ALLROUND meets the requirements of a state- of-the-art dance floor. The glass fiber reinforced floor is shock absorbing and dimensionally stable. It works well for dance studios, stage or touring events.


• Available in 10 Colors

• Slip resistance class R10

• Piece length 21.8 yd (20 m)

• Material: PVC

• Thickness: 3.65 mm

• Wear Layer thickness: 0.5 mm

• Weight: 5 lbs/yd2 (2600 g/m2)

• Residual indentation: • Sound absorption approx. 19 db

• Dimension stability • Light fastness: ≥ 7

• Electrostatic behavior: ≥ 2 kV

• Durable transparent wear layer

• Easily rolled and unrolled

• Color coordinated foam backing

• Flameretardant certification B1

• Custom colors available for orders over 546 yd (500 m)

• Easy and fast cleaning

Dancers Know What Dancers Need

“Dancing is one of the hardest professions and shortest careers. The profession demands a high level of discipline, motivation and commitment combined with flexibility and creativity. Therefore, dancers need reliable partners who value the hard work you are doing as well as your health and well being. The new Gerriets dance floor, with its extraordinary characteristics, provides more safety and comfort for dancers. Therefore, our primary goal was to reduce the physical strain the members of my company are exposed to. Furthermore, it was asked for a floor for touring that adapts easily to any surface. The new dance floor combines all these specifications successfully”, explains Gregor Seyffert.

Gregor Seyffert is one of the most interesting and expressive dancers of his generation. He was a member of the Tanztheater (dance theatre) at the Komische Oper Berlin for 13 years. As star dancer and first soloist he interpreted the collected leading roles of great classical and contemporary dance. Gregor Seyffert earned numerous international prizes and, in 1997, he was awarded with the UNESCO Prix Benois de la Dance as the World's Best Dancer. Television performances and world-wide tours have taken Gregor Seyffert through all of Europe, as well as Asia, North America and Central America.

Since season 2004/05, Gregor Seyffert has been appointed as the new Artistic Director of Gregor Seyffert Company, Dessau at the Anhaltische Theater. Since then, Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie have been celebrated with great international success.

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