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Gerriets Publishes New Product Catalogue and Price Lists

Gerriets Publishes New Product Catalogue and Price Lists

The latest edition of the Gerriets Source Book features a supplementary catalogue showcasing a new range of textile products. New price lists for the Collection and Screens product lines have also just been published.Now Available: Updated, Expanded SOURCE BOOK 2, COLLECTION Price List, and SCREENS Price List

Gerriets International announced publication of the Gerriets SOURCE BOOK 2 as well as new Price Lists for COLLECTION and SCREENS, the company's extensive lines of textile/dance floor/drapery accessories and projection surfaces/frame systems/roller systems. The new Gerriets Source Book and both new Price Lists are available in print and digital formats—upon request and free of charge.

A special feature of the Gerriets Source Book 2 is a separately bound North American Supplement, which introduces economical theatrical velour plus a wide range of event drapery and a selection of lining fabric.

"We've created the Supplement especially for North American customers working with a variety of special events and design," said Nick Pagliante, general manager at Gerriets. "The Supplement is geared toward a diverse clientele, encompassing architecture, theater, interior design, exhibits, trade shows, costumes, product reveals, cruise ships, and retail. We're seeing a lot of growth in these areas, so we're happy to respond by showcasing these new products and offering them with speedy delivery times."

The main volume of the Gerriets Source Book  has been expanded to include several newly created products. It also presents much more comprehensive information about the company's technical equipment line.

Meanwhile, Gerriets International has also created new COLLECTION and SCREENS Price Lists, covering the company's full range of textiles, dance floor, drapery accessories and its extensive line of projection surfaces, frame systems, and roller systems. "Both Price Lists include information for numerous new products," said Pagliante. "And I'm pleased to point out that we've been able to reduce pricing by as much as 25% for most of our products."


Gerriets International Inc. delivers innovative theatrical equipment solutions for a diverse range of clients—from opera houses to touring performance groups, from megachurches to civic centers, and from architects to exhibit designers. Serving the North American market since 1979, we are based in Ewing, New Jersey, where our facilities include a sewing workshop and stock warehouse.


Catalogue & price list requests; sales and rental information: 609-771-8111, [email protected]

Press inquiries only: [email protected]

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