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Gerriets Provides Sound Curtain for Danish Radio

Gerriets Provides Sound Curtain for Danish Radio

Gerriets Soundcurtain for the Copenhagen Concert HallGerriets, the theatrical equipment specialist, equipped the new Danish Radio Concert Hall with sound curtains.

The Copenhagen Concert Hall, by Jean Nouvel, is part of the new Danmarks Radio headquarters in Copenhagen. The concert complex consists of four halls with the main auditorium seating for 1,800 people. It serves as the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. The official opening was celebrated on January, 17, 2009.

Architectural Design

Architect Jean Nouvel's design for Danish Radio Concert Hall has a notably unique exterior and interior. The exterior is enveloped in a blue fibre glass skin that functions as a projection screen. At night, strong projectors installed outside the building send images on the building's skin creating the illusion of fascinating landscapes and scenery.

The design of the hall interior was inspired by the vineyard configuration of Berlin Philharmonie Hall. An abundant use of wood covers the sidewalls around the blocks of audience seating and the hall ceiling and the sidewalls form beautifully flowing concave and convex curves.

Studio 1 - the largest of the four concert halls in “Koncerthuset” – is constructed using 15 terraced sections with the stage situated in the middle. The hall can house 1,800 people who can look forward to a sublime acoustic experience in the intimate surroundings of the hall, which compared to traditionally constructed concert halls, will allow everyone to sit relatively close to the musicians.

A Sound Curtain of 1800 yd2

The acoustic concept, developed by Yasuhisa Toyota, allows a multifunctional use from classical concerts to rock events. In addition to a huge acoustic ceiling cover, a Gerriets sound curtain guarantees the perfect acoustic

The sound curtain, made from WOOLSERGE, measures approx. 1800 yd2. With 100% fullness and a total length of 656 ft (200 m) the curtain weighs more than 1650 lbs (750 kg). The wool fabric reduces the reverberation and is known for its sound absorption qualities.

The curtain moves along a Gerriets JOKER track system using FRICTION DRIVE motors. With an overall height of 98 ft (30 meter), the FRICTION DRIVE motors have to overcome altitude differences up to 13.7 ft (4.2 m) with an average incline of 20 degrees.

When the Danish National Symphony Orchestra leaves the hall to other musical genres, the sound curtains are drawn out of the slots in the wave walls to optimize the acoustics of the hall as required.

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