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Gerriets Provides Acoustical Curtains for Magic Cube

Gerriets Provides Acoustical Curtains for Magic Cube

Gerriets Acoustical CurtainsGerriets equipped the new tennis stadium “Caja Magica” (magic cube) in Madrid, Spain, with eight large acoustical curtains.

The tennis stadium, designed by the French architect Dominique Perrault, includes three main stadiums with a capacity for 12,500, 3,500 and 2,500 people respectively. The Magic Cube is constructed with a metal casing that acts like a big curtain. It lets air pass through but stops sun and wind and also rain. At night, the box becomes a magic lantern, illuminated from the interior of the building.

Part of the tennis complex is a 820 ft (250 m) long building with 5 courts for 350 people each. The courts are separated by eight large Gerrriets acoustical sound reduction curtains. Each curtain is approximately 67 ft (20.5 m) wide, 40 ft (12 m) high and weighs 2200 lbs each. For the optimal sound absorption, the curtains are made from seven layers with red CLIVIA stage velvet in 80 percent fullness as the front layer. There are two curtains dividing each tennis court. The curtains move on parallel JOKER 95 tracks, essentially creating a 14 layers sound deadening curtain. The complete Joker 95 track system, with an overall length of 650 ft (200 m), can be lifted or lowered approx. 4 inches (10 cm) by a newly developed hoisting mechanism. The lowering of the curtains creates a complete sound seal so no sound can get through.

Gerriets manufactured the custom made curtains in just two months. The project was realized in close cooperation with Gerriets Germany and Gerriets Spain.

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