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Gerriets International Introduces ECO Controller

Gerriets International Introduces ECO Controller

KABUKI ECO Controller New Plug-and-play ECO Controller Provides Simple, Low-cost Option for KABUKI G2 Curtain-drop System

EWING, NJ — January 19, 2012 — Gerriets International announced immediate sales and rental availability of the KABUKI ECO Controller. A newly developed control box for Gerriets' KABUKI curtain-drop system, the ECO Controller enables users to trigger up to ten Gerriets KABUKI G2 Release Units by simply providing 120 or 230 volt AC power. This product expands Gerriets' popular KABUKI line of curtain-drop components to include a basic, economical, plug-and-play system.

Kabuki-style curtain drop is a centuries-old theatrical technique whereby a drape is suddenly dropped to the ground for dramatic impact. “From theater to television, trade expos to press conferences, rock concerts to product debuts, nothing delivers that electrifying ‘big reveal' like a kabuki curtain,” said Nick Pagliante, General Manager of Gerriets International, “it's an incredibly effective way to create a thrilling moment, one that makes an audience of any size in any venue catch its collective breath, then burst into applause.”

Traditional Technique Meets Cutting-edge Technology

Gerriets has made groundbreaking advances in kabuki curtain-drop technology over the past several years, developing two premier KABUKI components: the G2 Release Unit and the G-FRAME 54 Controller. The G2 Release Unit is the KABUKI system's central component: a technological innovation that employs friction-free, electronically triggered hooks (instead of solenoids or pins) to suspend and then release the curtain. Along with superior safety and reliability, G2 technology offers extraordinarily high load ratings of 110 pounds per release unit, so unlike traditional systems that are equipped only for lightweight fabric, a Gerriets system can handle substantial materials like stage velour and heavyweight blackout drapery as well as tensioned textiles. G2 Release Units are mounted on a pipe batten, truss, etc. and connected to one another by six-foot cables. A variety of specially manufactured accessories are available for attaching the release units to drapery—whether the fabric has existing grommets or no grommets at all.

Gerriets' award-winning G-FRAME Controller is a top-of the line, bells-and-whistles controller that can be used to trigger 30 to 60 KABUKI G2 release units via DMX. Multiple controllers can be connected together for events of more massive proportions.

Simpler Operation, Smaller Price Tag—Same Big Reveal

“Our KABUKI G-FRAME is in constant demand for both sales and rental,” said Pagliante, “but we have many customers whose needs would best be met by a more basic system suited to simple applications and limited budgets. The ECO is the perfect solution, incorporating the elegant design and robust function of the G2 into a bona fide plug-and-play, rapid-fire system—the moment you plug the power cord into a standard AC outlet, all of the release units instantaneously drop the curtain. It really is that simple.”

The KABUKI ECO Controller system can be used to trigger up to ten G2 release units. It is especially well suited to touring/travel, with additional features that include:

• Quick and easy installation—controller mounts on pipe batten, truss, etc., directly alongside last G2 release unit in chain. (Pictured: KABUKI ECO Controller, left, connected via 6-foot cable to G2 Release Unit, right.)

• Compact profile—controller measures just 7½" wide x 8¾" high x 3" deep.

• Dual voltage—controller is equipped with a 120 VAC power cord and is switchable to 230 VAC.

• Remote capability—the controller can be incorporated into a non-dim circuit on a lighting control system for operation from a lighting board.

• Portability—ECO rental systems come in compact road cases (scaled for UPS; no need for special freight).

Availability of the KABUKI System with ECO Controller

KABUKI ECO Controller systems are in stock and available for sale or rental. Contact Gerriets International sales and rental department: 609-771-8111, [email protected]


Gerriets International Inc. delivers innovative theatrical equipment solutions for a diverse range of clients—from opera houses to touring performance groups, from megachurches to civic centers, and from architects to exhibit designers. Serving the North American market since 1979, we are based in Ewing, New Jersey, where our facilities include a sewing workshop and stock warehouse.


KABUKI sales and rental information: 609-771-8111, [email protected]

Press inquiries only: [email protected]

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