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Gerriets Formtex Basic: Any Shape, Any Color

Gerriets Formtex Basic: Any Shape, Any Color

formtex-basic.jpgGerriets, the theatrical equipment specialist, has expanded its FORMTEX product line by the new FORMTEX BASIC

FORMTEX is a unique scenic product that combines the appearance of textile with the formable characteristics of aluminum sheeting.

FORMTEX UNO consists of a 100 micron aluminum sheeting with a single sided textile lamination. FORMTEX DUO has a double sided lamination. Formtex UNO and DUO are available in five standard designs: canvas, granite, slate, moss and terracotta.

The new FORMTEX BASIC gives you even more possibilities to model stage props of any shape or color. The basic aluminum sheeting has a single sided or double sided adhesive layer for customized lamination.

FORMTEX can be modeled, cut or sewn. The material can be printed or painted. Formtex is waterproof and flame retardant.

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